Do everything with it that you might do with mustard (and more)… We spare no expense to make this the ultimate discovery in heat. The majority of our peppers are locally grown, and we only use the best and cleanest spirits... quality is our first priority… and don’t worry, all the alcohol cooks out, so they’re safe for anyone who can handle the burn!


In 2001, Drew Sherrod found a unique pepper plant in his front garden. It had always been there, but after tidying up around it, he saw it for the amazing specimen it was. Turned out, his neighbor, Trino, used to live in his house, and had planted it back in the 60’s. Trino was over the moon to see it still thriving! Drew offered to make him some hot sauce with the peppers, and he lit up. The sauce was so good, he asked for it over and over. Eventually, Drew started making 2 of each batch, keeping one for the house. Everyone who tried it, loved it, and slowly, the batches grew in size and variation. It became a thing, and there was a demand, so he started selling it. For years, Drew made a few batches each season, and gave or sold them to friends and friends of friends of friends. Now Drew is selling it for real.


We pack a huge cooker with gorgeous peppers. Then we fill the in-between space with spirits, and cook it down to a thick loamy mud. We repeat the process, with constant roasting, for up to 3 months. When we’ve finished, we have a big batch of spicy, smoky, aromatic gold... ambrosia... mercury…craftsmanship… coalescence... hot fusion... abundance... some call it the crucible… some call it heaven… we call it mud.


We use a proprietary base of mostly local peppers, from the usual suspects, like jalapeños, habaneros, Thai reds and greens, and cayennes, to more distinctive super-hots, like ghosts, reapers, scotch bonnets, and scorpions. Then we sculpt the flavor profile with more exotic peppers, like paper lanterns, naga vipers, pequins, and chocolate and seven-pot varietals.


We make our original line of muds with the perfect blend of top shelf spirits. We marry them with the peppers throughout the entire cooking process. The proportion of peppers to spirits is about 50/50. Sometimes we do a special batch with a featured brand. These short-runs take on wild and unpredictable characteristics and are the most unique and collectable Spirit Muds of all.


After the peppers and spirits, the only other ingredients are vinegars and salts. We use a strict mix of vinegars. A secret amalgam that serves to bookend our flavors, both stoking the fire, and containing the smoke. We also use a mix of regional salts. Mineral salts, like Hawaiian and Himalayan for a strong crystalline foundation, and softer ocean salts for that living salinity that rounds out our cravings.


You’ll smell it before you taste it, and the nose will depend on the spirit, but the thread that binds them all is one of smoky, savory, almost buttery spice. You can tell it’ll be hot. Then the bite. A full flavored heat with a slow and steady crescendo. Layers of bold, rounded flavors. The incandescence is strong, but the nose is still there because of the roasty, nutty elements. Then the slow-motion sultry heat of the more exotic peppers kicks in, and you get tones that literally shift from bite to bite. Last, you notice the long tail of fever has left you with a pang for more. 


Put it in, on, and around almost anything. Simple things like butter, mayo, ketchup, salad dressings, pesto, and hummus... Pasta sauces and noodles, rice and grains, grilled and roasted vegetables... burgers, wraps, and sandwiches... obvious things like chili, pizza, and tacos... grilled meats, roasted turkey or chicken, and fish... less obvious things like soups, sushi, mussels, and oysters... mashed potatoes, popcorn, french fries, nuggets and tenders... literally anything fried... Seriously- Hot wings? Grilled cheeses? Scrambled eggs?? Indecent. Po-boys? Gyros? Burritos? STOP IT!!!  Arrabbiata? Paella??? Bloody Marys/Marias? Micheladas???? Get out of town. For real… go… and don’t come back. 


Spirit Mud is just really fancy, hand crafted hot sauce. Some people, in the throws of enthusiasm, might try it before remembering that hot sauce is indeed hot. Hot things burn, for most, in a great way- but for many, in a less than pleasurable way. We put so much time and effort and imagination into our products, we never want anyone to use them in a way that results in negativity. What we’re getting at is, if you have a sensitive mouth, tummy, or butt, you might want to start small... or even tiny... OR just bypass the Spirit Mud, and move on to some mayonnaise, or maybe some ketchup... steak sauces are popular... hundreds of people love BBQ sauce... thousands of people love mustard.... millions of people love soy sauce... and at least a billion are content with just salt and pepper. My Spirit Muds are for the adventurous, the curious, and the passionate. Eat at your own risk, and then let me know what you think! There’s love in that jar.